Complex of vitamins and minerals for normal functioning of thyroid gland and endocrine system

Ingredients  (205 mg):

— powder of roots and rhizomes of Potentilla alba (50 mg);

— powder of Laminaria (10 mg);

— powder of herb of Echinacea purpurea (10 mg).

Excipients: lactose, calcium stearate, hypomellose, titatium dioxide, tween 80.


Package: № 100, № 300 (Fitness&Life).


Ingredients’ features

Roots and Rhizomes of Potentilla alba contain iodine compounds contributive to secretion of the hormone T4 as well as selenium that enhances secretion of the hormone T3 which has 10 times greater biological importance for the human body than the hormone T4. Roots and rhizomes of Potentilla alba also contain significant amounts of vital minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, and flavonoids.

Laminaria contains large amounts of iodine, boron, and bromine. Laminaria is a natural donator of such essential minerals as iron, calcium, sodium, zinc, lithium, phosphorus, vanadium, and many others; vitamins А, С, D, Е, and many vitamins of the group В; many amino acids necessary for cellular metabolism (asparagine, lysine, arginine, etc.) as well as saturated fatty acids, alginates (substances with strong absorbing effect), polysaccharides, fructose, pectins, sterols. Laminaria has beneficial effect on thyroid gland.

Echinacea purpurea contains vitamins А and С as well as selenium, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, aluminum, chlorine, and other minerals, organic acids (caffeic, lactic, and chicoric acids) and essential oils. Due to its unique composition, Echinacea is the strongest antioxidant that contributes to cleansing of the body and cellular structure renewal).



— regulates metabolism and normalizes endocrine system function;

— maintains normal level of T3 and T4 hormones;

— one of the strongest antioxidants: binds and destroys free radicals and prevents formation of cancerous tumors;

— antitoxic effect: effectively cleanses the body of toxic substances, heavy metals, and radionuclides;

— adaptogenic, restorative, and tonic effects provides reliable help in rehabilitation after hard mental and physical stresses;

— mobilizes protective resources of the body to ensure immonomodulator and wound healing effects;

— antiallergenic and anti-inflammatory effects, suppresses pathogens of various diseases;

— normalizes vascular system functioning, dilates blood vessels, enhances myocardium function due to reducing heart rate, and increases the numbers of leucocytes in blood;

— enhances production of immunoglobulins, especially, immunoglobulins G;

— activates secretion of collagen and so improves the state of skin, hair, and nails and producing rejuvenating effect.



— prevention of thyroid gland diseases (thyrotoxicosis, hyperthyroidism, hyperplasia of thyroid gland, hypothyroidism);

— to reduce the risk of having children with intellectual disabilities when planning pregnancy;

— as immunomodulator to increase natural protective forces of the body;

— for regular metabolism and supplying of tissues with nutrients;

— mental and physical fatigue, attention and memory disorders;

— senile sclerotic changes;

— asthenia, physical and mental overwork, stress, depression, sleep disorders;

— prevention and therapy of cardiovascular diseases.


Recommended for use as follows

Adults: 3 tablets 3 times a day 20 minutes before meals or 30 minutes after eating).

Course of supplementation: — 1 month. For the most types of thyroid diseases the intake duration may be 6 – 9 months without pauses.

When environmental factors are have unfavorable effects on thyroid gland, it is recommended prophylactic intake: 2 tablets at night.

For patients administered with L-thyroxine medications (replacement therapy), it is recommended the following regimen: gradual increase of the daily dose of “Thyreo-Vit” by 1 tablet with simultaneous reducing of the daily dose of L-thyroxine or pause in intake of it at night. It must be started from 1 tablet at night.