Complex of vitamins and minerals for your brain

Ingredients (505 mg):

— powder of herb of Redstem Buckweat (Fagopyrum rubricaulis) (100 mg);

— powder of fruits of Cinnamon rose (Rosa majalis) (100 mg);

— organic anabolic component of natural origin — HDBA organic complex (glucose-adsorbed drone brood homogenate with vitamin В6) (50 mg).

Excipients: lactose monohydrate, Е470 (calcium stearate).

Composition of the homogenate:

— proteins (10–20 %);

— carbohydrates (1–5.5 %);

fats (5–6.3 %);

— glucose (3.18–5 %);

— fructose and saccharose  (up to 0.5 %);

— amino acids (11.4 %): lysine, histidine, arginine, aspartic acid, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, cysteine;

— entomologic hormones that are precursors of human gonadal type hormones, or prohormones (nmol/100 g): testosterone — 0.292 to 0.322; progesterone — 42.63 to 60.01; prolactin — 344.6 to 475.4; estradiol — 431.2 to 847.9;

— minerals (mg %): К 0,50, Na 38, Ca 14, P 189, Mg 2, Fe 3.23, Mn 4.40, Zn 5.54, Cu 2, Cr, Co, Ni, Ag, Au, etc.;

— vitamins (water- and liposoluble): А 0.54 IU/g; xanthophyll 0.297mg %; β-carotene 0.426 IU/g; В2 0.739 mg %; D 950 IU/g; choline 442.8 mg %; nicotinic acid 15.8 mg %.


Package: № 60, № 300 (Fitness&Life).


Ingredients’ features

Redstem Buckweat (collected during flowering) — is a source of flavonoids: rutin, quercetin, citrin, etc. It is especially rich in rutin – a substance indispensable for health of blood vessels and prevention of strokes.

Drone brood homogenate — is donator of prohormones (without inhibition of production of endogenous hormones): testosteroids, progesterone, estradiol, prolactin, as well as a source of free amino acids.

Powder of fruits of Rosa majalis — is a source of vitamins: С, В2, К, Р, Е, and provitamin А.


— supplies cells of the brain with necessary nutrients;

— restores myelin sheath of nerve endings that has beneficial effect on energetic metabolism in the brain;

— prevents oxidative stress caused by free radicals;

— provides autoregulation of cerebral blood circulation, prevents acute disorders of cerebral circulation caused by atherosclerosis;

— has positive effect on functions of pituitary gland and hypothalamus and deep brain functions;

— lowers arterial pressure and cholesterol levels;

— has energy stimulating, health-improving, and rejuvenating effects on the body as whole;

— relieves headaches, reduces their severity, or prevents bouts of headache;

— reduces the symptoms of meteosensitivity.


— as therapeutic and preventive agent for strengthening the walls of blood vessels, especially cerebral vessels;

— as anti-inflammatory agent for protection of the walls of blood vessels and their elasticity;

— as immunomodulator to enhance the body’ natural defense;

— for restoring function of thyroid gland with hypothyroidism;

— for regular metabolism and supplying the body’s tissues and organs with nutrients;

— physical and mental fatigue, attention and memory disorders;

— senile sclerotic changes;

— asthenia, physical and mental overwork, stress, depression, sleep disorders;

—prevention and therapy of cardiovascular diseases;

— backlog of physical, sexual, and mental development in children;

— juvenile dystonia – headaches, jumps in blood pressure, sudden changes in state of health, etc. (especially during intensive sports trainings and hard mental activity).

Recommended for use as follows

Adults: 2 tablets 3 times a day at mealtimes.

Course of supplementation: — no less than 1 month. The best way of intake is sublingual.

Children of 3 years and older – dosage is calculated individually by the doctor.