Live Chlorella

Live Chlorella

“You are what you eat.”

 Any food is nutrition for the whole organism, for every cell.  So our health depends on the food we consume. Food should be healthy. Healthy food starts with healthy ingredients. Some food products help us to preserve youth and some even mental balance. The healthier the food, we eat, is, the better we feel ourselves. Healthy food is a food without chemical additives, it is food which is rich in vitamins and minerals and this is food which is well digested.  There exist such a food product – it is LIVE CHLORELLA.

“Live Chlorella” is an organic beverage containing living cells of algae Chlorella. A unique planktonic strain having a thin cell wall is used for the preparation of the beverage. Thanks to the living cells “Live Chlorella” contributes to the immunity of a man. It’s a nutritional powerhouse to benefit the entire body.

Hello! I am a little chlorella and I can:

  • Strengthen immune system
  • Balance a diet
  • Remove toxins from organism
  • Improve metabolism

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