Dragees with herbal complex — source of flavonoids for restoration and strengthening of the central nervous system

Ingredients (450 mg):

— powder of rhizomes and roots of Valerian (55 mg);

— powder of seedheads of Hop (5 mg);

— powder of leaves of Peppermint (Mentha piperita) (5 mg);

— powder of herb of Melissa (Melissa officinalis) (5 mg).

Excipients: refined sugar, lactose, basic magnesium carbonate as color stabilizer, calcium stearate as anti-caking agent, titanium dioxide as colorant, the colorant “EuroBlend Green”, bee wax as glazing agent, vegetable oil.

Contains sugar.

Package: № 60.


Ingredients’ features

Roots and Rhizomes of Valerian, in addition of isovaleric acid, contain also other tranquilizing substances (valerenal, valepotriate, valerian, bornilisovalerianate, etc.) that are technologically available only after cryogenic processing. The prolonged calming effect of Valerian root from the series “Secrets of Longevity” is due to the manufacturing process when the raw materials are not subjected to chemical and thermal treatment that makes the process of digestion of Valerian root longer in contrast with extracts and tinctures.

Hop acts as antibiotic and sedative agent.

Peppermint leaves subjected to cryogen processing retain the maximum of their biologically active substances that provide sedative and spasmolytic effects.

Melissa is known by its sedative, tranquilizing, antidepressant, spasmolytic, immonomodulating, antiallergenic, antiviral, and antimicrobial effects.



— lowers arterial pressure and heart rate and has anticonvulsant effect;

— efficient remedy against neurosis, insomnia, and irritability.

— may be used for mitigation of menopausal malaises in women.



— as source of isovaleric acid containing essential oils;

— for normalization of diurnal rhythms;


Recommended for use as follows

Adults: 2 dragees 3 times a day at mealtimes. Duration – 2 weeks.