Natural composition for improvement of sexual life

Ingredients  (505 mg):

— L-arginine, protein-forming amino acid (150 mg);

— organic anabolic component of natural origin — HDBA organic complex (glucose-adsorbed drone brood homogenate with vitamin В6) (50 mg);

— bee flower pollen, or bee load (50 mg);

— extract of leaves and stems of Epimedium (50 mg);

— roots of Ginseng (45 mg);

— roots and rhizomes of Leuzea (25 mg);

— zinc citrate (4,5 mg);

— vitamin В6 (0,3 mg).

Excipients: calcium stearate (10,1 mg), lactose.


Package: № 60, № 180 (Fitness&Life).

Ingredients’ features

L-arginine — protein-forming amino acid that has enhancing effect on sexual system: improves production of seminal fluid (spermatogenesis), enhances potency and sexual activity, increases strength and duration of blood supply to genitalia.

Extract of Epimedium is for centuries used for treatment of impotency and improvement of sexual functions in Chinese folk medicine. It acts like testosterone provoking acceleration of the growth of muscle tissue, increasing sexual desire and endurance. The extract of Epimedium has antioxidant, antidepressant, and nootropic effects.

Ginseng roots have adaptogenic, biostimulating, and tonic effects. Low doses of ginseng are necessary for secretion of estrogens that increase cellular sensitivity to testosterone. Otherwise, even high levels of testosterone may not resolve erectile dysfunction. Acting substances of ginseng improve prostate gland function and sexual activity, affect central nervous system, increase working ability, and reduce physical and mental fatigue. Moreover, ginseng improves functional activity of cardiovascular system and regulates arterial pressure level.

Leuzea roots has tonic and stimulating effects. Its main pharmacologic effects are increase of muscle contraction and performance, improvement of muscle and brain blood supply. A prolonged intake of Leuzea root results in reducing the incidence of the above disorders, improvement of self-esteem, static endurance, physical and mental working ability.

Zinc citrate has pronounced immunity enhancing effect and serves as building material for testosterone, increases spermatozoids’ activity; normalizes function of seminal glands; decreases the risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia in men; has psychotropic (improves mood, relieves irritability, improves memory and attention) and antioxidant effects.

Bee flower pollen (bee load) — is vegetable masculine cells, a natural concentrate of proteins, all amino acids necessary for human health (including essential), carbohydrates, lipids, minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, zinc, iodine, etc.), vitamins (carotenoids, C, D, E, groups B, P, PP, K, etc.), phytohormones and flavonoids. It increases resistance to stresses, mental and physical working ability, increases men’s potency and reduces the symptoms of hypertrophy of prostate gland.

Vitamin В6 normalizes hormonal balance, increases immunity, improves function of the heart, restores the function of prostate cells; can be effectively used in treatment of infertility; plays a great role in   energetic processes in spermatozoids that makes it especially needed with reducing of their mobility.

Drone brood homogenate restores metabolism and body’s tissues nutrition, stabilizes arterial pressure, regulates the tone of cardiovascular system and blood circulation level, reduces blood cholesterol level; promotes accelerated restoration of biochemical and mass-metric characteristics of semen and prostate glands while stimulating regulatory mechanisms of androgen production; increases physical working ability; helps in restoring disturbed sexual function in men and increasing sexual desire in women.


— improves erectile function, increases testosterone level and sexual activity in men and women and general satisfaction of sexual life;

— has positive effect on libido increase in women;

— acts as natural biological enhancer of general health status in periods of depressions and decreases of hormonal status;

— has positive effect on biological age of en and women;

— restores hormonal status and sexual activity;

— increases testosterone level by 45% during physical exercises;

— increases erection by 31% during physical activity;

— increases libido by 43% during physical activity;

— stabilizes vegetative vascular system, increase strength and endurance, improves psycho-emotional status reducing anxiety syndrome;

— reduces fat depositions in the body.


as source of ginsenosides, arginine, flavonoids, including icariin, and as additional source of zinc, vitamin В6 and phytoecdysteroids;

— erectile disorders – erectile dysfunctions of various etiology;

— weakening or loss of libido (sexual desire) and sexual activity;

— age-related decrease of testosterone level;

—prevention of pathologic processes leading to the decrease of testosterone level and to erectile dysfunction;

— vegetative vascular disorders in men;

— climacteric period in women (weakness, fatigue, decrease of physical activity and libido);

— pregnancy planning for women and men.

Recommended for use as follows

Adults: 3 tablets 2 times a day at mealtimes in the first half of day. Duration – 2-4 weeks. When necessary, the course of supplementation may be repeated.